Sunday, August 21, 2011

IRMC List Week ending August 20 2011

B L Bonita - High Speed Hunger

Carolina Valdez - Old Stones And New Wine

Ellison James - Pleasure Doing Business

Empress LaBlaque – Hellcat  on a Leash

Essence Torres- Recipe to His Heart: Jasmine's Call

James Gamble - Interracial Games

Jeanie and Jayha - Super Series II: The Wild, Wild Anybody’s Guess: Aloha and V8: The Healer and the Alpha

Johnny Miles-  Lauderdale Hearts

Johnny Miles - Learning to Samba

Jon Bradbury - Worst Kept Secret

Kate Hill - Inked4 Climax

Kendra Mei Chailyn - Cruise with Me

Koko Brown - Nerds Are Freaks Too (Available Aug 31)

Lynn Lorenz - C'est La Vie

Mahogany SilverRain - A Slave's Heart

Mallory Monroe – The Presidents Girlfriend

Marilyn Lee - My Mother's Man

Minx Malone - Teasing Trent (The Fast Friends Series)

Nakia J. Harlan - Wounded

Renee LaRuse - Profess Your Love (An interracial erotic romance)

Renee LaRuse - Profess Your Love (BW/AM Edition)

Scott Winfield - Hell's Gate 2

Sienna Mynx - Baby Love

Sienna Mynx - Illegal Affair Temptation/Volume 2

Tami Vinson - Love's Redemption

Tami Vinson - Winter's Heat

Tereza LeBlanc - Profess Your Love: An erotic romance (Interracial Asian Edition)

Tigra Luna Lemar - Fast Girls Are True

Vivian Vincent - Midnight Encounter

Violette Dubrinsky - Under a Crescent Moon

Vonna Harper - Hunter's Captive

Warren R. B. Dixon - When the Little Toy Dog Was New

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