Saturday, June 25, 2011

IRMC List Week Ending June 25, 2011

Ambrielle Kirk - Hard Drive

Anne Ott - Windswept (Windswept Series)

Aubrey Leatherwood - If You Asked Me To

Dahlia Rose - Some Kind Of Wonderful

Donna Patterson - BitterSweet Attraction: A Tale of Interracial Dating [Kindle Edition]

Faith Talbot - Beautiful Music: Finding the Chords

Jaden Sinclair - Outerplanetary Sensations

Jerry Pat Bolton - Margaret and David: A Love Story

J.M. Snyder - Lunch Break

Kathleen Lash - Punishing Rose 

Katriena Knights - Mostly Sunny with Chance of Belgian Chocolate

Kay Akinmade and Lola Akinmade – Ama

Leilani Harvey - Kelly Renegade: Tastes So Sweet

Marilyn Lee - Beauty Is Alisha Hoover?

Mirrah - Insatiable

R James Landets - First Love

Reana Malori - Second Chances

Shara Azod and RaeLynn Blue - Cabin Fever

Shara Azod - Perfect Harmony 

Shunta Montgomery - Sleeping Inn

Saturday, June 18, 2011

IRMC List Week Ending June 18, 2011

Prior Releases via Special Request

Thirteen - A Special Occasion

Other Releases

AP Miller - Ebon Goddess

A.J. Llewellyn - Gypsy Heart

Cain Berlinger - The Tenant

Chris William - Cheating Housewife

Daniella Lacey - Reckless Heart

Dee Dawning - Mysta Ree

Empress LaBlaque - Caught in a Spider's Web  

Grayson Cole - Inside Out (Indigo) [Paperback]

G. R. Richards - Birds Of A Feather

IMAJ - Harlow (Harlow Trilogy)

Jaz Monday - The Lab Assistant

L.A. Banks - Finders Keepers (NOTE:  All proceeds go to the Leslie Esdaile Fund)

L.A. Banks - Loser's Weepers (NOTE:  All proceeds go to the Leslie Esdaile Fund)

Latrivia Nelson - Finding Opa! (The Lonely Heart Series)

Marie Rochelle - Accept My Love: Sasha

Marteeka Karland – Zero G-Spot

Martine Jardin - Shadowed Love

Mi'Chelle Dodson - Pretty Packages

Minnette Meador - A Ghost of a Chance

Nevea Lane – Waiting in Essex

Nikki Palmer - Candi Gets Revenge

Nikki Palmer - Jennifer Finds a New Daddy

Nikki Winter - Sweet Temptations

Nix Winter - Meet the Morgans

Pierre Coda - American Introduction

Selena Illyria - Double Dipped

Shara Azod – Double Duty

S. J. Nelson - Loving Lena

Taige Crenshaw - Silken Inferno (Phoenix Intelligence Agency)

Veronica Tower - Blind Date

Y Correa - In Love With Death (The Fate Series)

Y.L. Stokes - Dorian's Mate

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

IRMC List June 14, 2011 Prior Releases via Special Request


Too Much Boogie: Erotic Remixes of the Dirty Blues, edited by Cole Riley

Single Titles:

Ann Mayburn – Blessed

Cynthia Sax - Café Midnight: Americano Misto 

Delaney Diamond - Fight for Love

Delaney Diamond - Subordinate Position

Marie Treanor - Demon's Kiss

Marilyn Lee - Moonlight Healing

Marteeka Karland - Badland Warriors: Spartans 

Persephone Jones - Mating Season  

RW Shannon – Silver Moon

Selena Illyria - Dragon Kin: Resistance 

Zenobia Renquist - Café Midnight: Chamomile Nights

Zenobia Renquist - Caveat Emptor: Trapped Lover 

IRMC List Week Ending June 11, 2011

(Prior Releases via Special Request):
Christopher Newman - My Beloved Enemy

David Huffstetler - Blood on the Pen

Rae Lori - One Evening in London

Rae Lori - Before Dawn Breaks

Natalie Dae - Pretty Miss Luo

Zetta Brown - Her Baby's Daddy

Week Ending June 11, 2011

Avril Ashton - Make Me Sweat

BJ Thornton - The Way That You Play It

Cynthia Sax -  Americano Misto

Dahlia Rose - Night and Day

Garda Parker - Big Sky Season

Gaston Leroux - The Phantom of the Opera

Imari Jade -  Saranghae (I Love You)

Jay Gold, Jay Silver - The Black Man (The White Man's Guide to da' Black Man's World)

Kat Holmes - Working Under Covers

Mallory Monroe – Romancing Her Protector

Marie Treanor - Demon's Kiss

Melissa Schroeder - A Little Harmless Addiction Share 

Michelle Sutton - First Response

Shelli Quinn - The Baby Contract

Shirelle Higgins - Throne of Teresh

Theresa Scott - Captive Legacy

Vivian Vincent - Mending Hearts: Love Eternal Book One

Zenobia Renquist - Trapped Lover

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

IRMC List Week ending June 04, 2011

Mélange featuring the following stories: “Stir Fried Love” by Nancy Pirri, “Nailed” by J.J. Massa, “Tasty Temptations” by Mae Powers, and “Callin’ The Shots” by Karen Rose

Single Titles:
Anna Taylor - Through a Glass Darkly
Lizzie Lynn Lee - Wet
Naima Simone - Loving the Beast