Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pat Cromwell's IR/MC (Interracial/Multicultural) List

If you read or write IR/MC, then you are most likely familiar with Pat Cromwell who maintained the IR/MC (Interracial/Multicultural) list.  Simply known as "The list," it has been the one-stop spot for IR/MC.  Since November 2007, both readers and authors made weekly pilgrimages to the website to discover the latest offerings in the IR/MC genres.  28 May 2011 marks the day that Pat Cromwell will add her last entries. 

Pat has been a true friend for readers and authors of the genre and her list has been a staple in the community.  Not wanting to see the list disappear, we asked Pat if we could continue her work.  This is the result.  We are not Pat...nor are we attempting to replace her.  We are simply attempting to carry on the work she started.

We will update the list every Saturday afternoon, thus all material needs to be received by midnight Friday. 
If you would like to have your IRMC titles included, email us.  We are NOT reviewers, thus we only need the author, title, and link of the book (in that order).  Please send the information in the following format:

Author - Title of the book
purchase link

Additionally, if you choose to send cover art please attach it.  The size of cover art  should be 200 pixels x 300 pixels.

Send all information to:

Thank you,
the IRMC Team

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