Friday, August 12, 2011

IRMC List Week Ending August 12, 2011

Allie Blocker - Unconditional Surrender

Anne Tenino - Whitetail Rock (FREE)

Candace Mumford - ParkCrest View The Love Chronicles Volume 2

Capri Montgomery - The Dream Stalker

Carol Ann Culbert - Johnson Rendezvous of Love and Justice

Dahlia Rose - Flights of Fancy

Dahlia Rose - Uh Oh It's Magic

Empress LaBlaque - The Paper Doll

IT Hardy - Mistletoe Hell

Lenise Lee - Sweet Beginnings and Spicy Endings

Lisa G Riley' - After the Morning After

Marie Harte - Whispered Words: A Power Up! Story

Marteeka Karland and Shara Azod - Death Bringer

Marteeka  Karland & Shara Azod - The Politician

Nikki Winter - Working it Out

Raven Starr - He's My Son

Rebecca Royce - Love Beyond Time

Shara Azod - I Saw You, Baby

Shirley Hailstock - Holding Up The World

S. J. Nelson - Keeping Pace (Sequel to Loving Lena)

Skhye Moncrief - Werescape II Resurrecting the Beast

Stephanie Burke - Café Midnight: Kopi Luwak

Vera Roberts - S&M II (Scott & Mariana)

Veronica Tower - Snowbound Summer

Winifred Donnelly - Broken Destiny

Yvonne Nicolas - Masked Desires

Yvonne Ray - Vampires: Volume 1

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