Sunday, October 9, 2011

IRMC List Week Ending October 08, 2011

Alex Berry - I've Got You

Billy London - Put out the Zombie

Charisma Knight - The Carpenter

Chris Menon -  Volcanic Vengeance

Crystal Hubbard - Burn

Cynthia Sax - Café Midnight: Grande

Dee Carney Intimate Whispers 

Desiree Day - One Toe Out

Dréa Riley and Nikki Winter - Talking Dirty

Elinor Carson - Lone Wolf

Imari Jade - Passion Fruit

J. Andrews - Interracial Romance: How to Create a Successful Interracial Relationships

Jennifer Williamson - Enigmatic Romance

Kate Richards - Trail Of Hearts

Kellie Kamryn - Going for Gold

Kelly Wallace - Looking For Mr. Right - (An Interracial Romance)

Kimberly Reid - My Own Worst Frenemy

KT Bishop - Cougar Unleashed
Madame Z - Wanderland

Mandy Harbin - Surrounded By Pleasure

Marilyn Lee - Marilyn Lee's Omnibus I

Marteeka Karland & Shara Azod - The Awakening

Marteeka Karland & Shara Azod - Public Display

Naomi James - Sworn

Nevea Lane - Temporary Insanity

Nicole Green - Love Out of Order

Pierre Coda - Flowers Need Tender Care

Renee Field - Love Me Strong 

Rod Stone - Mira & Me

Roxy Wood - Layin' the Law

Shawn Lane - Devotedly His

Tammy Williams - Blindsided

Terri Molina - Forget Me Not

Wynter Daniels - Fading Star

Wynter Daniels - Fading Star

Y Correa - La Encantadora/The Enchantress

Saturday, October 1, 2011

IRMC List Week ending October 01 2011

Ashley Blade - Valentine's Surrender
Cain Berlinger – Return To Canyon Ranch
Delaney Diamond - The Temptation of a Good Man
Em Petrova – Wilder
Gabriel Essex - Coming Home
Gregory Walker - John Poland and Alice Walker, a screenplay of interracial love in 1923
John Nyaga - Wells of Wealth
Johnny Miles - Lauderdale Hearts
Julian Dane - Getting Lucki
Kiki Eisenberg - Kinky Confessions
Lena Matthews - Going Up 
Louise Crawford - Born in Blood
Mari Carr - Slam Dunk
Nikki Winter - Sweet Words
Nikki Winter - Working It Out
Patricia Avant - Some Men Don't Know When To Quit
Renee Williams - Grading on the Curve
Shara Azod & Marteeka Karland - The Politician
Sarah Grimm - After Midnight
Shiree McCarver - All I Want for Christmas
Shiree McCarver - The Flavor of Love
Shyla Colt - The Wanting
Stephanie Burke - The Coven: Unus
Stephanie Williams - Friends Upgrade
Wanda Blackwood - Professor Jones Teaches Her a Hard Lesson (Ebony Ecstasy)