Saturday, July 2, 2011

IRMC List Week Ending July 02, 2011

Angela Daniels - Players

Bente Gallagher & Jenna Bennett - Contract Pending (Savannah Martin Mystery)

Capri Montgomery - Dream Walker (Gifted Liaison)

Cynnara Tregarth - Dragon Chef: Pixified

Dahlia Rose - Outlaw's Delight

Dahlia Rose - Some Kind Of Wonderful

Dana Littlejohn - TORRID TEASERS Volume 55

Darragha Foster – Spell Crafted for Pleasure

Empress LaBlaQue - Her Crystal Chameleon

Evelyn Shepherd - The Hunting Moon

Felicia Rose - MILE HIGH

Gordon Kerr - Submission

G.S. Wiley - Dubai Dawn

Jane O'Roarke  - The Girl Says Yes

Judith Bronte - Mountain Wild

Kelly Haven - Barely Legal Babysitters: Asian Sensation

Marteeka Karland - Foreplay 2nd ed (reissue with 1725 additional words)

Melissa Wathington - The Right Choice

N.J. Walters - MacNamara's Lady 

Rochan Morgan – Fusion

R.W. Shannon - Pink Cashmere

R.W. Shannon - Love Bites

R.W. Shannon - Love Bleeds

Rhys Ford - Dirty Kiss

Sarah Black – Tuareg

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